Get the package of the month deal by Oz Labels and save $57.20 for a whole package contains 270 labels of different categories including shoes labels, stick-on labels, clothing labels, tiny pencil labels.

Start your year with this month value package to go back to school with amazing customized name labels. This amazing combination is made to fulfill your all needs so you enjoy customization on everything you own. All of our products are popular due to its high quality, durability with its waterproof and heatproof finish. Therefore you dont have to worry about the damage no matter how many times you wash off your clothes, polish shoes, or heat utensils.

Different categories are combined with the package and the items include for your convenience:

Highly adhesive vinyl stick-on labels (60 small or medium).

Tiny labels for the customization of a pencil (60 small sized).

Round vinyl stick-on labels for geometry boxes or utensils (60 medium sizes).

70 iron-on labels for clothes.

45 sew-on labels.

20 shoe labels.

All the labels are easy to use and offer maximum adhesiveness. Sew-on labels just take a few minutes to be sewed on the clothes while iron-on labels are hard to peel off.

With our current running 40% off our label package of the month, you will get an even further discount which makes it in total 55% discount (total price of $46.80) plus free shipment all over Australia. Within 24 hours of order placement, your package is dispatched and unless something unpredictable happens. Overseas have to pay $4 for shipment charges while Australians can get free shipment service.

Order ours large bundle of value before its finished!

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