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You may hear stories about how artificial intelligence could take our jobs, but did you know we can also use AI to find jobs for you? This is possible! QWER uses advanced artificial intelligence to Find Jobs in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide. 


QWER uses futuristic technology to improve the search for jobs. QWER was founded by Karthik Malla, the founder of the Australian start-up QWER, who is Indian-Australian.



About QWER


Using Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, QWER identifies and displays the best candidates almost instantly. QWER determines a company's needs using machine learning algorithms that sort the most qualified candidates instantly.


Employers benefit from using QWER as a tool to cut recruiting costs and job-seekers benefit from more efficient sourcing. When job listings are posted on QWER's website, the recruitment team will receive your CV, which recruiters will manually examine.





Through QWER, you can have a job after a few clicks rather than having to send thousands of applications.


If you work with us, you don't even need a resume. QWER guides you step-by-step to produce a fantastic resume that looks great, is easy to read, and is delivered smoothly.


Regardless of the type of job you seek, QWER can help you locate it without much effort.

QWER is your ticket to Australia if you live in Australia or plan to work in Australia shortly on a work visa.


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